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Practice of Nobility

We are developing a new Practice of Nobility Program. This is a discussion and activity-based program that explores solution-focused capabilities as a way of creating a harassment-free workplace. We at Wayfarer Foundation believe that today’s complex problems demand deep solutions that attend to the foundations of people and systems. We believe that the ancient wisdom of our spiritual traditions can offer fresh alternatives to our current toxic ways of relating to one another, so this workplace program contains explicitly spiritual components, but we also aim for it to be open enough for a variety of people to participate fully.

“…the extent to which individuals and institutions can contribute to human progress will be determined by their devotion to truth and their detachment from the promptings of their own interests and passions” – the Prosperity of Humankind, 1995

We define nobility as actions that:

Remember our true worth

Choose the high moral road regardless of cost

Treat others and ourselves with dignity and respect

Demonstrate principled lives in the workplace

Practice Objectives

In this 3.5 hour training, we will investigate our shared values and establish a climate of continual learning and inquiry. The goal is that our on-going curiosity and vitality will assist in transforming our workplaces into places of belonging where harassment cannot take root.


In this training we explore:

How to encourage others in such a way that brings joy to their hearts

How to understand relationships of dominance and facilitate their transformation into relationships of interdependence, reciprocity and service

How to build unity while cultivating inclusion

How to engage in systematic reflection on action within a values-driven framework


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