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Started by Steve Sarowitz, Philanthropist, Founder and Chairman of Paylocity (Nasdaq: PCTY), Director of Payescape, and partner in Wayfarer Studios,  Wayfarer Foundation launched in 2021 as a Baha’i-inspired organization with the mission to “advance humankind spiritually towards a future peaceful world civilization.” We fund and support spiritually rooted and justice-oriented nonprofits and we center our work on the power of universal participation to create a more hopeful, joyful, and just world.

Guiding Principles

“Every member of the human family has not only the right to benefit from a materially and spiritually prosperous civilization but also an obligation to contribute towards its construction. Social action should operate, then, on the principle of universal participation.”

Bahá’í Writings

Our Approach

We support three broad areas of societal transformation:

Bahá’í Expansion and Consolidation

the growth and integration of Baha’i-specific organizations and activities.

Public Discourse

the expansion of opportunities for civil discourse that bring humanity’s oneness to the forefront.

Social Action

the development of spiritually-rooted organizations that respond to the needs of their communities.

Strategic Priorities

These are the Strategic Priorities that will guide this growth phase both internally and externally:

  • Nurture Spirituality
  • Advance Justice
  • Embrace Community
  • Cultivate Resilience

As with all organic transformation processes, these areas rely on, interact with, and fuel each other.

Focus Areas

Within these broad areas, we are especially interested in partnering with spiritually-rooted and justice-oriented organizations whose missions include promoting:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Gender Equality
  • Racial Justice and Unity in Diversity
  • Religious Harmony
  • The Arts
  • Universal Education
  • Youth Empowerment

1849 Green Bay Road

Suite 280

Highland Park, Illinois