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Learning Lab For Unity & Peace

We are honored to partner with innovative organizations who are working to build a more just, peaceful, and unified world in a variety of ways. As they grow and evolve, they generously share their learnings, so that all of us can benefit from their experiences. Here are some glimpses into what our partners are discovering:


A New Leadership Model for an Increasingly Complex World

The Global Governance forum shares about the type of leadership needed in the 21st century.

International Anti-Corruption Court 

Integrity Initiatives International produced this event detailing their proposal for an International Anti-Corruption Court to strengthen the enforcement of laws against corrupt leaders.

    Identity and Belonging in a Global Age

    The Center on Modernity in Transition produced this series of events about how to reconcile the legitimate yearning for rootedness and locality with the fluidity and porousness of an increasingly global age.

    Lakota In America

    This Cheyenne River Youth Project film displays how Lakota heritage can create a stronger economic and cultural future.

    Ted Bunch Presents A Call To Men

    Ted Bunch, Chief Development Officer for A Call to Men, discusses the importance of the next generation of healthy manhood in this presentation.

    Race Unity in America

    Funded by the Yavari family in Atlanta, this video series examines the Baha’i community and the struggle for race unity in the US from 1912 until now.

    The Practice of Consultation

    Organic Oneness developed this resource to teach people about the Baha’i group discernment practice: consultation.



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