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Brand Story

Wayfarer Foundation Logo

The word “Wayfarer” means traveler. The logo is a metaphor, highlighting the journey of the Wayfarer: one who navigates in search of new beginnings. With love and justice as the Wayfarer’s guide, we can all create a path to a unified world.

What Inspired Our Logo

The logo design is inspired by the Bahá’í Faith. Everything in the world requires a solid foundation in order to develop, grow, and stand strong – whether it is a plant, a building, or humanity as a whole. The ultimate foundation of the Bahá’í Faith is the oneness of humanity. Therefore, we symbolized the word “FOUNDATION” in capital letters directly under and supporting the traveling Wayfarer in search of unity.

We at Wayfarer Foundation strive to provide a solid foundation for spiritually rooted and justice-oriented organizations by building relationships with them and partnering with them to co-create a unified world.

The word Wayfarer is interwoven into the word FOUNDATION. This represents the interconnectedness between our organization and our partners, symbolizing how we all work together.

“O ye beloved of the Lord! This day is the day of union, the day of the ingathering of all mankind. ‘Verily God loveth those who, as though they were a solid wall, do battle for His Cause in serried lines!’ Note that He saith in serried lines’—meaning crowded and pressed together, one locked to the next, each supporting his fellows. To do battle, as stated in the sacred verse, doth not, in this greatest of all dispensations, mean to go forth with sword and spear, with lance and piercing arrow—but rather weaponed with pure intent, with righteous motives, with counsels helpful and effective, with godly attributes, with deeds pleasing to the Almighty, with the qualities of heaven. It signifieth education for all mankind, guidance for all men, the spreading far and wide of the sweet savours of the spirit, the promulgation of God’s proofs, the setting forth of arguments conclusive and divine, the doing of charitable deeds.

Bahá’í Writings

The pathway symbolizes that the journey of the Wayfarer may not be straight because we are human and therefore imperfect beings. But we are committed to striving for unity.

“They should stand shoulder to shoulder with the friends, supporting them through their struggles and partaking in their joys. Some of these friends will quickly move to the forefront of activity, while others will step forward more tentatively; yet all require support and encouragement, offered not in the abstract but on the basis of that intimate knowledge which is only acquired by working side by side in the field of service.” 

Bahá’í Writings

This tagline encapsulates everything that Wayfarer Foundation is working towards. We know a unified world is an audacious goal, but we firmly believe that this type of world is possible.

“We must all strive with heart and soul until we have the reality of unity in our midst.”

Baháʼí Writings

Color Inspiration

The color palette is inspired by The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa, Israel. They serve as a source to center the mind, body, and spirit. These beautiful gardens are accessible to all people for prayer and meditation.

Our Primary Branding Colors

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Our Secondary & Tertiary Branding Colors

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